We hand make all of our ice cream in small batches using all natural, seasonal ingredients. We're always thinking up new flavor combinations and experimenting with the classics, so this is just a sample of our menu. 


Always available

Tahitian Vanilla

Plain ol' Vanilla? Come on now... we can do better than that!
We scrape the pulp from Tahitian Vanilla beans and soak them in vodka to create our own handmade vanilla extract. Then we churn the extract with milk, cream, eggs and sugar and, voila, an ice cream sent from Vanilla heaven is born.

Valrhona Chocolate Brownie Bake

When our Homemade Chocolate Brownie ice cream landed at the Creamery, it had us at first bite. Homemade creamy, dark chocolate ice cream with chunks of MADE FROM SCRATCH Valrhona Chocolate Brownies folded in with great care. Chocoholics- you will LOVE this one.

Mint Oreo

Delicious, refreshing, homemade, all natural Mint Ice Cream (its green hue is drawn from a leafy vegetable!!) with crushed Oreos tossed in. One taste and we knew it was MINT to be a Creamery classic!


We created the yummiest, peanut butter-iest Homemade Peanut Butter Ice Cream, tossed in a lotta Crushed Oreos and threw in handfuls of made from scratch Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups for good measure.

Hudson Cafe Coffee Crunch

To create this Creamery Top Seller- we take Hudson Café Coffee Cold Brew, hazelnuts, ground coffee beans, sugar and cream. There are no words for this jubilant java concoction...ok, maybe three words.... GIVE. US. MORE.

Cookies N Cream

Homemade Sweet Cream ice cream with lots crushed Oreo Cookies. Simple, classic and so freaking delicious!

Brown Sugar Cookie Dough

Homemade Brown Sugar Ice Cream with tons and tons of Cookie Dough. Perfection.

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Flavors of the Month

Nutty Monkey

Peaches N Cream

Jersey Corn

Watermelon Chocolate Chunk

Toffee Crunch

Blackberries N Cream

Rainbows & Clouds